Projektraum, Köln-Kalk


Stimme und Text: Rike Hoppse

(English transcript) 

I find a rib while fishing in a beach dumpster.
Carefully like an injured pigeon I lay it down at our feet. Since time and sea have reacted with each other, the steel is as crumbly as the crust of old white bread. Micah and I squat on parched sea floor like 2 giant babies just learning to sit. Today is sunday on an unfamiliar ocean. We talk about this and that. Sand between our fingers.
Micah says I’d like to feel it more someday to enjoy the company of myself as much as spending time with someone else.
I say I would like to let go of the feeling that I am only whole again in combination with another person who is not my best friends.

We wonder who knitted these stories and which strands are our own.
Before us lies a shore without end. The self-narratives trickle out of our fingers until Mica, arms wide open, screams at the view like an opera singer at the sea.
In the evening we lie side by side on our folding mattresses in the Cambio, Gabi between us. Gabi is an atlantic pollack that Micah found on the street 2 years ago. Since then, Micah and Gabi sleep in the same bed.
Just before letting go my consciousness I feel actually I don’t need more than to fall asleep next to Micah and Gabi every now and then.