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Rost Guide

Stimme und Text: Rike Hoppse

(English transcript) 

Rust is a corrosion product. It results from oxidation of iron or steel with oxygen in the presence of water.

There is the superficial rust that can be easily brushed away. If you get after it and stay after it, surface rust is not a danger. For many, it’s even chic.
Rust paint to rust everything possible is in different price ranges to buy on the Internet.

 If you want to get rid of the rust, you can buy „Rustegal“ and brush your folds with care. 

There is a deeper rust, which you can knock off in rust flakes. You’ll need a hammer or crowbar and a lot of force. And depending on how big the system is, tapping together is the better idea. 

And then there is the completely rusted-through piece of breakage. You can see from the outside that there’s really nothing left to save. If the part is load-bearing, there’s no way around flexing it away and welding or screwing an angle into it where the part has collapsed. 

If you are faced with a system that is rusted all the way through, you should let it rest. You may still be able to admire it in its broken beauty. But also maybe something will come out of playing in the rubble.